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Fairies The Web Series



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By Nick Luis 


Web Series​

'Fairies' is a dramatic web series about brother and sister, Frankie and Freya and their best friend, Christine; three friends who face their deepest secrets while trying to live everyday life in New York City. The production of our project embraces the support of diverse roles in the film industry. 


Inclusion Statement:

We are committed to diversity and the expansion of Latino, African American and LGBTQ in film and television. Our web series embraces actors and crew members of various backgrounds and nationalities. The story is produced by LGBTQ and female-centric team to support the female and LGBTQ voice and gaze. 



In their late 20s, Freya, Frankie, and Christine believe their lives are on a steady path. They are living life in New York City with great careers and goals to elevate themselves. However, things begin to shake up when Freya decides to leave NYC to escape her past once and for all. Frankie is jealous, Christine becomes obsessed. Life is at a halt. And their secrets can no longer hide in a box. ​

As a teacher, Freya loves children and her students when she assigns her class “What I want to be when I grow up” and has a flashback to her secret past. She relives her most painful memory, her teen pregnancy and the decision she made. Things can only get worse when she bumps into an old friend and forces her into a downward spiral. All on the same day her going away party is happening. ​

Frankie, a freelance artist, is wrapped up in his comfort zone; living a double life dating and having romantic relationships with a man and a woman. He is jealous that Freya, his sister, is leaving and having a grand going away party organized by their mother, Linda. 

Christine, a successful architect, is stuck in the middle of Freya and Frankie’s relationship but is also stuck in her own sexual identity. 

Freya, Frankie, and Christine are a mess, but their friendship is based on tough love and solid support. Even with those important qualities, their secrets keep them from truly elevating and being who they are. They find solace within each other's presence which helps them release their secrets and truly become a Fairy. 



Nick Luis the writer of Fairies, recognized the lack of representation in roles for minority characters.

The creation of the web series was developed to represent diversity, not only in film and television but in New York City. 

He didn’t see a character or an actor that represented his struggle throughout life. There were few stories depicting the reality of struggling and overcoming an internal battle of self. From conversations and experiences in his life, and from the lives of his real-life fairies (family and friends) he developed 'Fairies'. 


We are in full support of diversity in film and television. With a cast and crew made up of diverse individuals, we are taking action to push barriers. The proof is in our face- there are more minorities on-screen nowadays. But there’s more that we need to do to get to where we want to be!